Moving in…


Alas, I have returned for the umpteenth time to set up a home on the Internet. There were various reasons why I left and just as many as to why I am back, but I would like to focus on the latter. Basically, I have been stumbling and uncovering a lot of interesting opinions and information that I feel deserved to be shared with the rest of the world. I contemplated contributing to some website but I figured my interests were so diverse that I think I could only achieve some kind of coherence by putting them all on one site.

Unpacking the furniture
I have not actually figured out how everything is going to play out, but on this site, I also want to host Singapore On A4 (click on “Singapore” above), it’s a little project of mine that I conceived in my time at Maryland. The idea started when I learnt that the Americans use a different size of paper, US Letter, instead of A4, and that to me reflected a difference in symbolic culture. Paper to Americans was US Letter size but to Singaporeans was A4. Pragmatically speaking, if the idea took off, it would also be easy to compile all these sheets of A4 into some book too. Most importantly, I love seeing a blank sheet of paper because you never know what you can express on it. While this project is currently only known to some friends and largely dormant, I am really open to anyone who has ideas to contribute too.

Discovering the new town
More than just talking about myself, I hope this blog points you out to other interesting sites to visit and events happening around Singapore. Here are two events I would like to check out after my examinations:

  • Singapore 1:1 Island
    17th Nov – 31st Mar, URA Centre
    An exhibition on architecture in Singapore from 1965 onwards that tracks its economic and social progress
  • Dual City Sessions: Null
    27th Nov – 8th Dec
    An exhibition featuring a collaborative piece between Japan and Singapore artists

That is all for now. Meanwhile, do visit back again while I furnish this site to my liking and maybe have an official “house-warming” party soon.


One Response to “Moving in…”

  1. 1 s.

    kudos to your new press, pad and party! lots to check out after exams, i’ll send you my list soon! keep this going, slow and steady wins the race ;).

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