Giants of Asian design



It was truly a great privilege to be able to hear a giant in design, Prof Kohei Sugiura, speak about his design works today as part of “The Way of Asian Design” seminar. He truly puts a lot of thought into his concepts and why he is doing things and it shows in his works. I think most importantly, I learnt that to be able to engage such a huge array of culture and knowledge to produce great works, one has to be constantly enriching oneself by reading up and exploring.

Gosh, my head is still hurting from the mind-blowing experience… I’ll muse about it again.

Asian Design Giants
(Left to right) Kirti Trivedi, Ahn Sang-Soo, Lu Jingren and Kohei Sugiura


2 Responses to “Giants of Asian design”

  1. 1 rj

    now i feel like ive lost the chance at a marvellous enlightenment.

  2. 2 s.

    rj, it was great! we figured these guys didn’t take design as some kind of art or craft or skill, rather it was really a way of living for them. like Ahn Sang-Soo actually had a typography gate for his home! his own hangul typography.. speechless la. also i think what was also inspiring was how they attributed their design to their asian identity.. there was another quote i remembered, about how we all belong to tradition, so that’s why tradition and modernity are one. hmm, i will not steal the limelight off justin’s musings.. to be continued, by him…

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