A full circle


While at the airport sending off friends on internships overseas, I was overcome by a sense of nostalgia and amazed at how life had come a full circle for me. Just about a year ago, I was in my friends’ shoes, preparing to head for the US on my exchange program and today I was back at the airport to send them off instead. It left me reflecting a lot on what has happened this year and I can only say much has happened and a lot more has changed, and I can only wonder what is in store next year. At least, I am excited and am looking forward to it.

Finally, to add to the festive cheer, I thought I’ll recommend some great songs that you all should check out!

“Zombies Eating My Brains” by Daddy Bone — An absolutely hilarious and quirky song that should be played at every Christmas party this year!

“Hilli (At the Top of the World)” by Amiina featuring Lee Hazlewood — Check out this video and Christmas-theme song with a really haunting tune by an Icelandic band and great lyrics to boot!

“Untitled 3 (Samskeyti)” by Sigur Ros — An absolutely haunting and dramatic piece by another Icelandic band that I have just been introduced to. This link is a Youtube video that someone made as inspired by the music. The band itself has also come out with a film, Heima, about their tour of Iceland and you can watch the trailer with loads of fantastic scenery of Iceland here.


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