Some things to think about


In the strangest of fashion, it took a really late night at work and a cab driver to drive home the message that I was working too hard. Of course, the advice came at a price — $16.20. In any case, the cab drive told me of the perils of not exercising and simply sitting down to do work. He warned me that my cholesterol would go up and so would my high blood pressure… it did not help that I had Subway for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner. Furthermore, this week alone, I also had a lunch at Burger King and McDonald’s. You see, work life can get so chaotic if you don’t choose to stay on top of things. So, a note to myself, after this busy weekend, I should take some time off and chill a bit more.

On another note, my work also brought up some other things to think about. I’ve read a lot on Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, a former civil servant who served in various positions in the economics department of Singapore. Ever since he has retired, he has been labeled a critic of PAP policy of sorts but he really does provide constructive comments. In any case, here is just one quote that he left etched on my mind. Another thing to think about before I post here again next week. I promise.


2 Responses to “Some things to think about”

  1. you need to go on an indian vegetarian diet.

  2. 2 j.z.

    Erm… Komalas? There’s one near my office. 😛

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