Why I take photographs

I finally got down to Tekka Market to pass the old man this photo of him and his store. He was surprised, said thank you and offered to pay. Even his wife spoke for the first time, thanking me for the photo. I left quickly before it got too awkward, clearly unsure of how to handle the situation. On retrospect, I think I hoped this photo meant as much for him as it meant for me, I just wanted him to know…
I cannot stop what becomes history,
I can only help you preserve the memory.
That’s one reason why I’ll keep taking photographs.

3 Responses to “Why I take photographs”

  1. 1 s.

    is the signboard so vintage that it reads the old postal code system?! if i don’t remember wrongly, mine used to be (S’pore) 1546! wow, those days..

  2. i like that little poem/thingy abt preserving memory.

  3. 3 j.z.

    Hey Shu,

    Yes, it’s over 20 years old. It’s the sign that got my attention, so I asked the old man about it. We ended up talking quite a bit the first time round and he said he was closing his shop after so many years and he didn’t know what to do in the days ahead. It was his resignation that spurred me to give him something to remember… Well, phone numbers used to be 7-digits too…

    Hey David,

    how’s Canada? Missing us yet… it’s still pretty much the same here. Sun-burnt Sundays and ridiculous jokes… when will it become history? Haha…

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