Some Magazines We All Should Read


During my recent magazine-shopping jaunt (yes, I spend time shopping in the magazine section of bookshops) at Basheer, I came across The Believer. The cover and colours of the magazine caught my eye and after much deliberation I decided to fork out $15 for it.

Lo and behold! It ranks as one of the most mind-blowing reads I have had. Not only is it visually interesting but the articles, which showcases literary work as well as interviews with writers and artists, really makes your brain work for the article.

While the reads are not easy, definitely requiring ample attention and patience, the effort is worth the while because after you trudge through an article (often with a chuckle here and there), something gnaws at you, and that is enough to make me a Believer.

For a magazine that is made up of 95 per cent text, this magazine actually makes you want to read it too! By paying attention to the choice of font (Caslon or Garamond?), giving the reader ample white space to ponder and rest, comfortable paragraph widths and a beautiful choice of paper, the design of this magazine really helps to soften its tough articles. Looking at the past issues, the choice of colours and cover illustrations really give The Believer a unique look.

• • •

I picked up Craftholic because I have this habit of stopping in front of postcard and brochure stands and scrutinising the designs as well as keep track of upcoming events. Usually, I end up taking at least three pieces home with me, and over the years, I have collected at least two shoeboxes worth of uncategorised materials, but that is another story.

Anyway, this free magazine turned out to be a pleasant surprise because it did a feature on paper supplies in Singapore and I have been on the search for different types of paper for a design I’m working on.

After going through it, I have to say that the layout of the magazine is pretty good too. I especially like the subtle way it tagged the page numbers of the magazine. Download a PDF version on the website to see what I mean. The logo for the magazine is rather tastefully done too. Although, the layout of the pages could work better with more white space and a bit more discipline and continuity in the pages as some just look too messy and crowded for me to want to read.


2 Responses to “Some Magazines We All Should Read”

  1. 1 shu

    can’t wait to read the complete version of zadie smith’s lecture caught a quarter of it online! i hope that’s the issue you got.. coz they have a new ‘music’ issue which also looks not bad…

  2. 2 j.z.

    Yeah, I got that issue. Why you also know Zadie Smith?I better read more. Rj says he will definitely buy the music issue.

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