Who is Miss Tan?


All around the streets of Singapore Miss Tan promises to offer you a legal loan of Fast Cash at only 1 per cent interest.

She is an example of people reclaiming advertising space in Singapore because the avenues to grab your attention have been increasingly filled with the big guys who can afford the whole expensive suite of advertising mechanisms from design to printing to display.

By reclaiming spaces like lamp posts, Miss Tan can easily and cheaply get her service to you. This is how she subverts the system and this might be how her business survives too.

I’ll try to find out who Miss Tan is. Meanwhile you can follow the adventures of my final-year-project journey at http://reclaimland.wordpress.com/


One Response to “Who is Miss Tan?”

  1. 1 Sam Kang Li

    Haha. Someone having lotsa fun with his new lens.

    On a side note, I think Ms Tan might be a Ms.

    Maybe using an honorific like Ms soften the image and reduce the danger quotient of someone who might potentially be a loan shark. So do be careful when you call her and ask too many questions. She might think you are investigating on her.

    But if Ms Tan is really a Ms. Then she is very the eligible bachelorette. Got so much cash to lend huh.

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