Lost & Found


I’ve started surfing the vast expanses of my archives and the world wide web again and it is amazing how much happened and is happening while you and I lead our little lives.

I did this series of covers and section dividers two years ago for the final report about my group’s short film for a class assignment. The film explored the “culture clash” of a couple who are very anal about the way they put their toothbrushes and it was on YouTube for a while, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

The works of The Small Stakes, a one-man show of Jason Munn, reminds me a lot of my own design work. After looking through my archive of work, I find that a lot of it is guided by a preference to abstract the essence of a message and represent them via simple shapes and text. While we are at the topic of finding things, check out FFFFOUND!, a site where great images are bookmarked — very good for inspiration.

Of late, one question that is getting on my nerves is: what am I going to do after I graduate? I don’t know the answer yet and the fact that many of my friends have already attended talks by banks and big companies and sent in their résumés does not help. Moreover, my latest Graphic Communication assignment requires me to design my name card and one big issue is, if I don’t know what I want to do, how can I design a name card that communicates something? Some job labels that I have been toying with include: writer, designer, photographer, curator… but I think one label I like, albeit likely to be misunderstood, is “creator”. I really enjoy creating great ideas and putting them into action. For me it is not so much about the medium or job scope but it is the ideas that turn me on!

Through things magazine, I found Material World, a site that explores material and visual culture. It was here where I read about Judy Attfield, someone who tried to connect design history with ordinary people’s lives. The whole material and visual culture thing got me excited and I realised I enjoy looking at objects and things in our culture and interpreting, analysing them to make meaning for ordinary folks like you and me. Maybe, I should see if I can study something about this in a few years time.

Finally, here are some things I would so love to buy when I forget the fact that I already have a lot of crap in my house:


2 Responses to “Lost & Found”

  1. 1 guang

    brings back memories of 16 soundtracks, thunder, crows and cymbal crashes. heh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pA1xNQ3LAk

  2. Haha! You found it! Thanks for the link…

    Yes, brings back the memories of trying to sync all these, it was truckloads of laughter then, today, I cringe slightly… haha.

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