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I have been camping in the library for the past few weeks working away on my project when I chanced upon this fantastic book today, Loose Space, that pretty much sums up my final-year project!

Space in the city becomes “loose” due to the actions of people. These spaces are usually found in the public areas of city and the activities are transgressive, temporary and seldom productive but more about establishing community, identity and expression. The beauty of loose spaces is how there are multiple uses to a site and they introduce a certain vitality and life to a city. In this sense, a loose space can be viewed as being appropriated, introducing tensions and resistance amongst the users and finally a new discovery of the possibilities in a space.

Similarly, what fascinates me about my interviewees is how they see a piece of space very differently from me and it is very encouraging especially in such a small island when you think the possibilities are limited. The one thing that I have yet to reconcile is how their actions often do not fall in line with official ideology. So I ask myself, is there any value in their challenge? Then I realise that maybe it is not my job to evaluate the choices in the project but simply to present them the best I can.

Meanwhile, I am hopelessly addicted to Tracy Chapman whose depth and conviction in the lyrics of these songs are just inspiring for me at the moment.

Bang Bang Bang

All That You Have Is Your Soul


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