A book lover’s confession


I just learnt that a lot of the wonderful Penguin series cover re-designs such as the Great Ideas and the Penguin Reference were done by this guy, David Pearson. Finally, I can buy good books that look good on my shelves too! And for those who are into good-looking books, Caustic Cover Critic is a nice place to start to learn more.

And yes, I splurged at Borders to take advantage of their 40 per cent discount when you buy 4 books or more. I now spend my time with Jean Baudrillard, Michel Foucault, Francis Bacon, Edmund Burke, Henry David Thoreau, Thorstein Veblen and local professors telling me about Paths Not Taken.

Ahh, for the love of books.


One Response to “A book lover’s confession”

  1. that’s like the who’s who of college readings

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