Quick Note on COM412


The last two blog posts were for a course I am taking, COM412: Advanced Writing Workshop aka Jouralism Reimagined, but given how the assignment has developed, I have started a new blog instead and moved the posts there.

The blog is about visual journalism, not photography, but page layout, information graphics and cartoon. These elements are often seen as just dressing for a publication, but with readership increasingly bored of text, I see visuals as a new language to be exploited in journalism because it can convey information in a more succinct and attractive manner.

In Singapore, the people who excute the layout of the newspapers are known as “paginators” and so in homage to them, I have started the paginator. Besides, except for a brief period working as a paginator for The Straits Times and co-heading the redesign of the campus newspaper, The Nanyang Chronicle, I have yet to attain enough experience but to start from the lowest rung in visual journalism.

If anything, I hope my inexperience will give people actually doing it a layman’s perspective. As a friend once said, “Questions from a non-expert usually make more sense than from someone skilled!”

I cross my fingers in the hope that my lecturer will approve this direction.


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