This All Bears Repeating


Got introduced to The Antlers recently by a friend and I’ve fallen in love with Peter Silberman’s voice and lyrics. A lot of it reads like a short story and pure poetry although his range of tunes and music seem pretty limited but there is no doubt he feels pain. You can download many of his songs for free from the website.

Like Bon Iver, the myth of this Brooklyn-based musician also involves a disappearance and staying cocooned somewhere. I have to seriously start thinking about that option… is there anyone out there who creates in the pure joy of life?

Here is an excerpt from Two

There’s two people living in one small room, from your two half-families tearing at you, two ways to tell the story (no one worries), two silver rings on our fingers in a hurry, two people talking inside your brain, two people believing that I’m the one to blame, two different voices coming out of your mouth, while I’m too cold to care and too sick to shout.


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