Singaplural interviews

Singaplural PosterTogether with some friends, I organised Singaplural: Perspectives on an Island, a series of seven public film screenings, that showcased final-year projects from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information centered around the exploration of what it meant to be Singaporean and alternative views on Singapore. Below are the recordings of interviews with some of the film-makers:

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Waking Up (2005)
Daniel Heng [Click to listen]
Waking Up tells a story, through thoughtfully composed images, behind a group of young people who are engaged in casual sex as a means of thrill-seeking. Through the narrative, the film subtly explores the dichotomy of love and lust, as well as the escapist attitudes of youths in Singapore.

The Last Flight of the Red Butterflies (2003)
Marc Ling [Click to listen]
This film tells the true story of the Ang Hor Tiap or Red Butterfly Gang, arguably the most active female secret society in Singapore’s history. Leading the narrative is the voice of one of it’s most prolific members. The docu-drama re-enacts the Ang Hor Tiap’s dealings within the shady world of nightclubs, cabarets and secret societies.

Grey (2004)
Chun Kiat and Jason [Click to listen: Part 1/Part 2]
Grey follows the journey of discovery of Joshua Lee, a photographer, with a peculiar vision problem – he can only see in black and white. When Joshua returns to his hometown to bury his father, he is pulled into a frenzy of piecing together strange happenings and a ghost that increasingly pervades his consciousness and sub-consciousness.


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