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Labour unions have always been the symbol for grassroots activity so it was no surprise that when NTUC re-branded itself last year, it rallied around a new logo and tagline, “NTUC for U”.  From a visual perspective, the logo is very intriguing because it literally contains more than one “U” depending on how you look at […]

Is it just because it is done by a Singaporean, like how the group at “DESIGNED IN SINGAPORE” define it? Perhaps how it is done with Singaporean products, like how Homespun have done with some of their products? Or like how Larry Peh does with some of his designs? Or should it be designed for a […]

  The annual showcase of final-year projects of my school is coming up. While there isn’t an official theme, a common thread that ran through the various films and multimedia projects this year was this idea of family, Singapore or what we call home. In a way, that’s what WKWSCI has been for me the […]