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I was walking to the MRT station yesterday when another man came up to me to ask for a dollar for his lunch. It’s the fourth time this month that someone has come up to me on the streets to ask for money and it, perhaps, is a sign of these bad times. It got […]

Is it just because it is done by a Singaporean, like how the group at “DESIGNED IN SINGAPORE” define it? Perhaps how it is done with Singaporean products, like how Homespun have done with some of their products? Or like how Larry Peh does with some of his designs? Or should it be designed for a […]

“In a city, you are distracted by everything around… that you forgot about the people.” she said. Indeed, a city is built to be seen, a visual showcase of wealth and power such that when you live in one you find yourselves more often than not looking up. Towering above you are skyscrapers, office towers, shopping […]