////Filament 2009: A Site For Home (2009)
A poster and folded brochure I created for a showcase of films from graduating students

////The Electoral History of Singapore (2009)
An info-graphic I created to explore new ways of presenting history

////WKWSCI Ad for NTU Symphonic Band (2009)
An WKWSCI advertisement for the NTU Symphonic Band

////Wedding Invite (2008 )
A wedding invite I helped my friend produce.

////Name Card (2008 )
A name card I designed for myself.

////Directions Poster (2008 )
A typographic exploration of my journey from home to school depicting the battle for control between the politics of urban planning and the poetics of an individual.

////Will You Be | So Close (2008 )
A group of emerging artists from NTU’s Arts, Design and Media school held their maiden exhibition at Forth Gallery and I helped them create their catalogue, manage their blog and write their press release for their event.

////The Nanyang Chronicle Re-design (2007)
Together with a partner, we led the campus newspaper through its second re-design in its 13-year history. The aim was help create space for new content as the newspaper wanted to better appeal to a changing student population.

A series of designs for the final report of “Twobrush” — one of the few films I have ever made in my life.

////Freshmen Orientation Camp 2006
A t-shirt and door gift designed as publicity materials for incoming freshmen of the School of Communication and Information.


////Crane Nation
Singapore is a tabula rasa — constantly redeveloping — so much so that the crane, a powerful symbol of construction has become a ubiquitous sight in this island. The desire for a horizontally challenged island to go higher and higher is aided by these graceful but mammoth machines that come and go as quietly like the birds.


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